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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

maulidur rasul....

apa khabar...???baikkkkkk....ok hari ni nak cerita pasal pertandingan maulidur rasul.... 
sebenarnya maulidur rasul dah lama, masa 25-2-12 masa jom heboh tuuuuu.kitorang                                          tak macam orang lain...kita pergi sambut maulidur rasul tapi dia pergi jom jom                                                jom jom kita heboh hebohhhhh....



ok bye

sabah,i'm coming...

hiok today want tell on have gone to sabah.?? I not yet but Igoing to go over sabah in 13 mac. go there along with my sistermy brother in-law and two people niece .I stay there for days.

impatient feeling him want to go there travel by car.must be increaseaircraft not are going up car on the other hand.if rise car how want acrosssouthern china sea.hahahaha

                 air asia


sabah i'm coming